Strategic Planning and Business Focus Services -- 

Time-Slice Consulting, Inc. provides two planning services to help aid you in the management of your business. These are the Strategic Plan and the Business Plan. Your business objectives determine which plan is appropriate for your situation.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning allows the company to become focused on where it needs to be headed and keeps everyone moving in the same direction. It is the process of determining and documenting the current situation of the business, establishing a vision of where the business should be in order to meet market or growth objectives, and then developing a plan to move all company

Strategic planning is useful at either the overall company level or within a single division of the company. It is best used in an existing company that is preparing to grow, or is trying to determine why things are not running smoothly.

Strategic Planning brings all of the stakeholders together to seek a common goal or objective. Companies that do effective Strategic Planning significantly outperform those companies that fail to effectively plan. Time-Slice provides an experienced Strategic Planner to help facilitate your company through the Strategic Planning process.

Why a Third Party?
Time-Slice always recommends that an outside person be used to assist with the development of any business plan as it allows a fresh perspective to the plan.